What Is Gianduja Chocolate And Where Can I Order It Online?

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Cacao beans and the creation of chocolate can be traced all the way back to ancient Mayan culture. They both consumed and revered chocolate, using it in many ceremonies and household meals.

Chocolate withstood the test of time, with different countries throughout history doing their own take on this delicious delight. Whether you’re craving a new chocolate treat or want to become more of a chocolate connoisseur, learning more about the wonderful Gianduja chocolate is a great place to begin.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Gianduja chocolate? Then keep reading this guide to learn everything you need to know about Gianduja chocolate and the best place to find it online.

What is Gianduja Chocolate?

What Is Gianduja Chocolate?

Gianduja is a lovely and unique Italian chocolate, with a deep history. Gianduja dates back to the 19th century, in Turin, Italy.

According to most accounts, there was an issue with obtaining certain raw materials from the British colonies like cocoa, coffee, and cane sugar. This was known as the Continental System Blockade.

Since cocoa beans became scarce, chocolate makers had to get creative to preserve dwindling cocoa supplies. They began mixing chocolate with hazelnut paste, which resulted in a creamy texture. It also made for a balanced flavor profile that many people enjoyed.

In fact, you could say Gianduja chocolate is much like a grandparent of Nutella, as it was one of the first chocolate spreads made in Europe.

How Is Gianduja Made?

Gianduja comes from high-quality hazelnuts, toasted to release their rich aromas. After this, the hazelnuts are ground into a fine powder or paste to make a gianduja spread.

Chocolate makers then melt the chocolate with sugar until it creates a smooth, delicate mixture. Traditional Gianduja needs to be at least 30% hazelnuts with either milk or dark chocolate.

It comes in various forms like crunchy bars or smooth chocolate spreads. You’ll also find it inside other chocolate confections like gelato or chocolate truffles.

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What Does Gianduja Taste Like?

Gianduja is similar to Nutella, but there are key differences. The hazelnuts in Gianduja give it a nutty taste, while chocolate adds depth and sweetness to the overall flavor profile.

Gianduja with dark chocolate will have a slightly more bittersweet taste and a different texture than milk chocolate. It has an intense aroma that will tantalize you before you even get the chance to take a bite.

Its texture also sets it apart since it has a creamy consistency that quite literally melts in your mouth, much like velvet. This leaves you with a lingering sweet aftertaste that sticks around after your last bite.

How to Eat Gianduja

First things first, you should order Gianduja online to experience it in its true chocolate form. For example, Gianduja Hearts covered in Swiss mild chocolate is a fantastic way to first experience the tasty world of Gianduja.

You can also try Gianduja chocolates made into rolls using either dark, milk, or white chocolate. These Gianduja rolls are a good way to get different tastes of Gianduja. You can order one of each type of chocolate to figure out which one you like the best.

They also make for a sweet addition to chocolate gift baskets or a small gift for the holidays.

Where Can You Order Gianduja?

It’s fairly easy to order Gianduja online, you just need to find a quality chocolate shop you can rely on. This way, you can use it for all your chocolate needs, like chocolate corporate gifts or chocolate gift baskets for the holidays.

Buy Gianduja Chocolate Online

Do Your Research

Take your time to do a little research before you begin. Ultimately, you’ll want to find a chocolate store with a rich history of making quality chocolates, like Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland. This ensures you’ll receive hand-crafted quality gianduja chocolates.

Take the time to visit the company website to look at their overall selection. Check for gianduja chocolate products, but also take the time to look at what other chocolate options they have available. This will inspire ideas for Gianduja gift boxes or an assortment of different chocolates.

If you have any questions, contact the company to ask. This is a great way to assess the customer experience. Finally, Google reviews are a great source of information too, and will give you a good feel for their products and services.

Order Your Chocolates

Once you’ve narrowed down where you’ll order from, it’s time to think about what you want to buy. If you’d like to sample Gianduja, simply order a few selections for yourself.

However, if you’re looking for a chocolate gift box for a special occasion, you should do a bit more digging. The best way to begin this process is to consider the occasion. Gianduja is such a smooth and tasty chocolate, it can really do the trick for almost any occasion.

Next, look at your budget so you have a good idea of what you can spend. This will determine if it’s better to order a handful of these chocolates and create your own gift box, or add other options if you want to incorporate other chocolates.

If you want to stick with only Gianduja, the recipient of your gift will be sure to appreciate this smooth and flavorful classic chocolate.

Order Gianduja Chocolate Online Today

Now that you know more about Gianduja chocolate, you’ll better understand how to incorporate it into gifts, or as a delicious after-dinner treat.

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