Special Treats: Top 5 Jellies and Jams for Any Occasion

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Fruit isn’t just rich in the vitamins and minerals that keep us feeling strong and energized. It’s naturally sweet, flavorful, and delicious. Since there is a wide range of fruits that we can enjoy in tart, sweet, sour, and citrusy flavors, they’re a diverse way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Special Jellies and Jams

Jellies and jams made from natural fruits make for great treats on their own or in tarts. High-quality jam preserves are also great for chartreuse boards and bread spreads. Read on to learn some jam treats that will make your mouth water on any occasion.

1. Classic Cherry Jellies and Jams

Cherry is a classic that never goes out of style, especially when made into jam. It pairs well with just about anything from luxury chocolates to crackers. This is because of its individualistic flavor that invokes feelings of childhood summer days.

Cherry jams are also extremely versatile because there are many varieties out there. Black cherry jelly is extremely sweet and goes well on white bread or crackers. Sour cherry, on the other hand, is great with sweeter treats like marzipan and milk chocolate.

Because of its popularity, cherry jam is a great offering for any event. You can put it on a platter with a wide range of fruits, crackers, and cheeses. It also works well as a birthday or Easter gift that will last all year long without going bad.

2. Fig and Grapes: A Powerful Combination

Figs and grapes are a classic combination that works well in a variety of situations. You may be familiar with delicious fig, grape, and walnut salad that comes with a wonderful grape vinegarette. Fig/grape tarts are also a great option for enjoying with wine (or wine truffles!)

But the best thing to do with fig and grape combos is easy to guess. Mixing them together into a smooth and rich jelly combines the flavors beautifully for a balanced taste.

That’s not all, though. The richness of fig and grape jam makes it ideal for pairing with strong, flavorful cheeses. The creamy decadence of brie goes well with this sweet and tasty jelly, as does the strong flavor of gorgonzola.

Smearing fig/grape jelly onto crackers or mini toast with goat cheese is also a great way to enjoy these jam preserves. After all, sweet and tangy is always a great combination!

3. Very (Berry) Delicious Flavors

Of all the jams and jelly options out there, berry flavors are some of the most popular. They’re used in a variety of situations from breakfast spreads to pastry filling. Berry jam is one of the most popular options for jam tarts, scone spreads, and sandwiches.

This is what makes it an amazing Easter gift or holiday party offering!

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There are many different berry jam varieties to know about. Blackberry is a great option for those who want something rich, full-bodied, and a little bitter. Raspberry provides the ideal balance of sweet and tart flavors for a holistically delicious option.

Sweet summertime strawberry is also one of the best available jam flavors. It goes well with dark chocolate as well as chocolate-covered orange slices. Why only enjoy one fruit flavor when you can pair them for even more flavor?

Because fruit jam is so versatile, you can also purchase Teuscher’s combination jams that feature berries blended with other flavors. Raspberry and red currant is a great combination for those who like crisp sweet and tart flavors to mingle. Strawberry/rhubarb has an elegant and complex flavor palette that everyone can love.

Berry flavors tend to be some of the sweetest jams out there, making them ideal for pairing with dark chocolate. Whether you want to set out a box of dark chocolate champagne truffles at an event or buy a loved one some bitter chocolate bar, berry jellies are the perfect compliment.

4. Currant Confections

If you haven’t heard of currants before, you’re missing out. The fruits themselves are small, dried, and similar to seedless grapes. They’re produced in California, making them a great Teuscher San Francisco specialty, and they have a sweet and mild flavor.

Of course, this makes them perfect for all-occasion jellies and jams!

Black currants are extremely tart, so their jellies pair well with creamy milk chocolate truffles. Since these truffles are awesome for both holiday parties and corporate gifts, blackcurrant jam is also a versatile treat.

On the other hand, red currants are mildly sweet and pair well with dark chocolate. Chocolate-covered orange peels also have a bitter and sweet taste that strikes a good balance with red currant jellies. Having jellies and jams made from both currant types is a great way to make everyone at your event feel as though there’s a perfect treat for them!

5. Amazing Orange

Orange marmalade is a breakfast-time staple that nearly everyone loves. However, if you want to add something with a bit more body texture to your event’s menu, orange jellies and jams are a great alternative to thin marmalade spread.

It also works well as a treat to put in Easter baskets. In fact, adding it to any basket is a great blast from the past since they were historically used as stocking stuffers and other holiday gifts! That makes for a fun fact that everyone’s sure to love.

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Orange artisanal jellies and jams also come in multiple different flavors depending on how they’re made. Sweet orange jelly is tangy and sugary, which makes it perfect for people who are hosting outdoor events and getting people in a great springtime mood.

If you want to diversify a platter of milk chocolates and similarly sweet treats, though, bitter orange jam is a great option. The flavor contrast is exquisite, memorable, and individualistic.

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Now that you know some delicious jellies and jams that make for great special occasion treats, it’s time to begin shopping for gifts and snacks. Teuscher is committed to providing high-quality fruit preserves, chocolates, and champagne truffles to people across the US.

Our San Francisco shop imports our wares directly from Switzerland to ensure high-quality products and flavor. Check out our shop to place your order and begin serving up some sweet goodness this Easter season.