A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to Marzipan with Chocolate

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Humans are naturally equipped to believe that sweet things are good to eat. Evolutionary principles have positioned us to naturally enjoy sugar and the confections that show off sweet flavors. That’s why quality chocolates are so important for stress relief and positive feelings.

Marzipan with Chocolate - A Guide

Pairing marzipan with chocolate is a great way to get that sugar buzz. Read on to learn why marzipan recipes pair so well with quality chocolates… and when you should order some for your own enjoyment.

What Is Marzipan?

When people think of marzipan, they often think of colorful animals, figurines, and fruit made from an edible paste. However, this isn’t the full picture. While these confections are made from marzipan, the word encompasses a much broader category of treats.

Marzipan is a European confection made from ground skinless almonds, sugar, and egg whites. An expert will grind the almonds down extremely finely. Then, they’ll combine this nutty treat with egg whites mixed with powdered sugar.

When processed into dough form, this gives the treat a delicious nutty taste.

What is Marzipan?

The oils in the almonds are also what make the marzipan smooth and malleable. You can take the paste, roll it into any shape you like, and dye it various colors. That’s why we often think of marzipan as creating realistic-looking figurines.

Regardless of its shape or color, marzipan is extremely sweet. It has nutty undertones that stand out against the sugar. Its soft, chewy, and somewhat rough texture is unique and layered so that you can enjoy this delicious treat on its own or in other confections.

What Makes Marzipan With Chocolate a Timeless Pairing?

Marzipan pairs wonderfully with all different types of chocolate.

It’s frequently used in baking and put on top of baked goods. It also can be used as a filling or batter ingredient. The texture of marzipan combines well with the light and airy texture of chocolate cake.

But marzipan with chocolate aren’t only a match made in heaven in bakeries. They’re also a great combination for those who love sweet treats from a confectionary.

Marzipan and dark chocolate pair well together because of the contrast between flavors. Marzipan is extremely sweet and the bitterness of dark chocolate tones it down a bit. It’s an impeccably-balanced combination that everyone is sure to enjoy.

White chocolate is also great with marzipan for flavor reasons. It’s milky and has a mild flavor that highlights the nuttiness of the marzipan. This is an awesome choice if you want to bring out those earthy almond flavors.

Marzipan is also excellent when paired with milk chocolate because of the texture combination. Marzipan is somewhat dry and extremely chewy while milk chocolate is moist and creamy. These textures work together for a holistic treat that both melts in the mouth and remains chewy.

Finding Quality Marzipan Chocolates

Marzipan with chocolate is generally considered a high-end treat. It’s made with high-quality ingredients and has a complex flavor palette. Because of this sophisticated taste, it’s important that you find and purchase marzipan/chocolate confections from a high-end retailer.

While marzipan works well with milk and white chocolate, it’s generally best paired with dark chocolate. That’s its perfect compliment. If nothing else, it’s what you want to try when you first sample marzipan with chocolate.

Teuscher prides itself on importing the finest chocolates from Switzerland and delivering them to doorsteps all across America. Since marzipan is a traditional European treat, ordering these imports brings you closer to the roots of the treat. It will be expert-made and of the finest caliber.

This is critical because you don’t want cheap, too-sweet chocolate like you’d find from big US candy bar brands. Its heavily processed flavor is too unrefined to bring out the best tastes in traditional marzipan. You want your marzipan filling wrapped in creamy bitter chocolate made from fine cacao beans and other simple ingredients.

Marzipan/Dark Chocolate Varieties

When you choose to buy fine Swiss chocolates, you’ll also get a choice as to what fillings you want in your marzipan with chocolate treat.

Dark-chocolate-covered marzipan bars feature Teuscher’s signature marzipan with a thin shell of dark chocolate. The classic “natural” filling is elegant and simple because it shows off these two ingredients to their best advantage. It’s definitely the thing to try if you want to fully understand the beautiful duo that chocolate and marzipan make.

However, if you’re a fruit enthusiast, you can also choose from sweet raspberry, tangy orange, and sour lemon fillings.

Pistachio filling is also available for those who want to enjoy as nutty a flavor as possible. It’s natural and delicious, providing some more sweet and earthy undertones to an already tasty treat.

When to Buy Marzipan Chocolates

Any chocolate lover should order marzipan with chocolate for themselves online. It’s a great way to indulge in self-care when you’re going through a stressful time. It also makes an amazing birthday gift for yourself that you’ll be excited to receive in the mail on your special day.

But these types of chocolate aren’t just a great way to treat yourself. They’re a great way to treat friends, loved ones, and colleagues.

Marzipan with chocolate is always a perfect and affordable gift. Almost everyone loves it and feels appreciated when they receive it. It’s romantic when given to a partner, appreciative when given to a parent or grandparent, and fun when given to a friend.

Buy Marzipan Chocolates Online

You also can put marzipan with chocolate in gift baskets for friends and colleagues. Assuming that you invest in quality chocolates with equally delicious filling, it’s a great way to show that you care and appreciate what the recipient brings to your life. You can also pair multiple types of chocolate in gift baskets or boxes, making it a versatile gift.

Indulge Your Inner Chocolate Lover (or a Loved One)

Now that you know why marzipan with chocolate is such a great classic pairing, it’s time to start shopping for the best chocolates in San Francisco.

Teuscher is committed to bringing you a wide range of high-end chocolate imports. Whether you want marzipan with chocolate, champagne truffles, or simple chocolate bars, there’s a great confection that you’re sure to love. Browse our delicious chocolates to begin indulging your sweet tooth ASAP.