Easter Chocolates: 5 Tips for Ordering Truffles for the Holiday

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Easter eggs were once decorated chicken, duck, or goose eggs given as gifts. But as the years went by, those eggs morphed into dark chocolate treats. By 1875, Easter chocolates were an institution synonymous with the holiday, and they came in both dark and milk varieties.

Ordering Easter Chocolates Online

Here, we’re going to give you some tips and pointers for getting in on this Easter tradition with a sophisticated twist. Read on to learn some ideas for choosing Easter confections that your family and friends are sure to love.

1. Prioritize Quality

When choosing Easter chocolates for yourself and loved ones, it’s important to prioritize getting high-quality pieces. Handcrafted Easter chocolates from Switzerland have a rich cocoa taste that big American brands can’t emulate. Each truffle or bar is handmade, one-of-a-kind, and made with only the finest cocoa beans.

Quality Easter chocolates tend to have fewer preservatives and artificial flavors. This means that you can taste the rich flavors of the truffle shell and filling. It’s more complex and has a better flavor palette that you can enjoy in style.

This is especially important in the case of Easter confections since you’re celebrating a special occasion. Low-end Easter candy bars won’t make the day feel special, especially when it’s the same dollar candy you always munch on. By contrast, more luxurious champagne or dark chocolate ganache truffles will make your Easter party or gifts feel special and sophisticated.

2. Know Your Options for Parties

Champagne truffles are one of the best chocolate options for special moments like holidays. They feature a creamy and delicious dark chocolate ganache blended with champagne creme. You can choose a milk chocolate or dark chocolate shell that crunches in your mouth.

Assorted truffle collections are also great for those having Easter parties or get-togethers. These will have some champagne truffles included but will also feature those with several other fillings. Hazelnut, almond, cherry, Bailey’s, raspberry, pistachio, caramel, lemon, and gianduja are just a few of the ganache filling options that you’ll find in these collections.

Truffles are delicious for adults to enjoy, but most Easter parties will also have children looking for delicious treats. Getting some handcrafted chocolate bars or simple chocolate thins will give them something to munch on while you enjoy truffles and liquors. Plus, the adults at your party will have a wider selection, too!

3. Consider the Recipient for Gifts

In some cases, Easter chocolates are gifts rather than boxes to enjoy at parties. If you’re getting something for friends, family members, or corporate clients, truffle boxes are still a good choice. You can get them in boxes with as few as nine pieces or as many as 48 pieces, making them a versatile purchase.

However, you need to consider who you’re giving gifts to as well. If you’re buying something for a whole family, a box of mixed truffles might be a good idea so everyone can have something they like. Chocolate-covered marzipan is also sweet and delicious, making it ideal for families that contain people of all ages.

Easter Animal Chocolates

If you’re looking to fill a child’s Easter basket, truffles may not be the best available choice. Dolly the Sheep, Teuscher’s plush lamb that holds two wonderful truffles of your choice, is both adorable and soft to snuggle with.

Love the idea of animal shapes but don’t want to go for something with only a couple of chocolate pieces? Animal-shaped Easter chocolates are a great option for children and adults alike.

The Animal Kingdom Gift Box features shapes like dogs, cats, ducks, bees, and birds that are both unique and intricate. They’re made from milk, dark, and white chocolate so you can give away multiple delicious artisanal flavors. Since these chocolates are imported from fine Swiss chocolatiers, you can trust their quality.

4. Opt for Handcrafted Options

Today, lots of food manufacturing processes make mainstream chocolate production faster. While this takes less time and money, it also produces some really low-quality chocolate.

The practices also aren’t sustainable and use a lot of electricity and similar resources to operate machinery. Worse, the output has a lot of preservatives including hydrogenated oils, gums, and waxes.

This brings down the flavor until you can’t even taste the rich chocolatey flavor underneath all the sweetness and wax. It also means you’re putting unnecessary toxins into your body.

Handcrafted Chocolate Gift Boxes

Make sure that you opt for the best handmade truffles and chocolates available when selecting Easter chocolates. Imported goods are usually best because other countries like Switzerland take a lot of pride in producing handcrafted artisanal chocolates.

Easter confections are art in other cultures, and Teuscher only imports the finest Swiss chocolates to deliver to US buyers. Handmade truffles and chocolate bars are also one-of-a-kind since care goes into every piece. Your partygoers or gift recipients will know how much you care.

5. Pair Easter Chocolates With Other Treats

If you’re hosting an event, you’ll want to have other things besides Easter chocolates on your table. Chocolate is delicious, but variety is the spice of life.

Marzipan is a great treat to consider. It’s sweet and you can get it in tons of shapes, sizes, and colors. Because of this, it’s awesome for displays, especially when robed in chocolate.

If you want to offer something fruity, jams and jellies are also great Easter confections. Put them out on boards with crackers, cheeses, and other fruits.

You can also get multiple items to put into a gift basket for friends and family members. This will let you put together a bigger and more special gift to celebrate the special occasion.

Shop for Delicious Easter Confections

Now that you know why chocolate truffles make amazing Easter treats, it’s time to begin purchasing real Swiss Easter chocolates. Teuscher is committed to bringing San Francisco residents a taste of Switzerland with high-quality truffles, treats, and other confections. We also deliver delicious gift boxes and more directly to your doorstep so you can easily enjoy our offerings.

We’re excited to help you get in the holiday spirit, so shop our collections and choose the perfect Easter chocolates to satisfy your sweet tooth this year.