7 Benefits of Giving Clients a Chocolate Corporate Gift Set

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Corporate gifting is a $242 billion-dollar industry, and foods like chocolate are among the most popular gift-giving subcategories for good reason. Gifting edible gift baskets like chocolate goes a long way in making your clients feel appreciated.

Chocolate Corporate Gift Sets

If you’re looking for a corporate gift set idea that will set you apart, it’s time to learn the benefits of a chocolate corporate gift set. Then, seeing how a sweet, simple gift like chocolate answers all your gift-giving woes will be easy.

Learn the seven benefits of giving your clients a chocolate corporate gift set!

1. Delicious Advertising

Let’s be real here: a corporate gift box filled with chocolate is the ultimate way to win hearts and taste buds in an advertising campaign. Trust me, it’s a sweet deal!

Chocolate-branded gifts are perfect for clients and can boost your branding campaign.

This is a huge benefit when giving corporate gifts to new and old clients. If you stop to think about it, most people associate chocolate with positive and happy feelings. A box of chocolate has the power to make someone smile and brighten up their day.

Your clients then associate your company with these positive feelings. This makes them more likely to recommend your products and services to other people. This helps your brand identity long-term since people will associate it with a positive message.

Champagne Truffles Corporate Gift Box

2. Keeps Communication Channels Open

Another often overlooked benefit of a chocolate corporate gift box is that it’s an easy way to keep the lines of communication open.

For example, if your company is remote and not near your clients, you may not get to interact with them on a personal level too often. Sending chocolates is a simple way to say hi and keep that emotional bond alive. Plus, who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s like a sweet little hug in a box. So go ahead, send some chocolates, and make someone’s day a little sweeter.

You can send multiple corporate chocolate gifts yearly to show appreciation. Including a card or personal token will take this a step further.

Overall, it will help you develop your B2B relationships, which is a massive advantage to your company long-term.

3. Generates More Leads

Corporate gifts are especially useful for generating more leads, making them a valuable marketing tool. Nowadays, most marketing is focused online. However, corporate gifts like chocolate are perfect for adding that personal touch.

For example, giving branded chocolate gifts at a tradeshow helps you connect personally with the people who visit your booth. It’s easy to put your logo on chocolate or include a card with your company name and contact information.

You can use chocolate as gifts for clients at virtually any face-to-face event, including lunch or dinner.

4. Perfect Portion Sizes

Giving food as corporate gifts can become complicated when you have to deal with deciding on portion sizes.

You might like the idea of a gift basket with various snack foods, but sometimes, the portions are just too overwhelming for one person. You then have food going to waste and clients feeling guilty for wasting food.

With chocolate, there is a wide variety of sizes you can choose from. From just 4 to 5 pieces to full gift boxes, you won’t have trouble finding a size that works for your corporate event.

Assorted Truffles Gift for Clients

5. Most People Love Chocolate

People love chocolate, and statistics show that the average American consumes 9.5 lbs of chocolate annually. This means that most people grew up eating chocolate and have fond memories of it around holidays and special times.

The truth is people have loved chocolate for thousands of years. Chocolate originates from the seeds of cacao trees in rainforests in locations like Mexico and Central America.

Research shows that people love chocolate for various reasons, primarily because it melts in their mouths. This is because of the fat content in the outer layer of chocolate.

Even better, dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your body against cell damage so it functions effectively. Dark chocolate can also reduce your risk of heart disease and depression and lower stress levels.

What better reason do you need to send out a chocolate corporate gift set?

6. Chocolate Is Very Versatile

When it comes to corporate gifts, versatility makes all the difference. If you’re giving corporate gifts throughout the year, you need to be able to change things up.

You know what else you need? Corporate gifts that can fit into various holiday themes, birthdays, and other key events. Trust me, they’ll make you the star of the office!

With chocolate corporate gifts, you have so many choices. You can choose truffles, chocolates with fruits and jellies, marzipan, and more. Companies like Teuscher Chocolates have guides that allow you to see the different types of chocolate you can get.

You can also choose different gift boxes or assortments each time you need to give a chocolate corporate gift set.

This makes chocolate perfect for gifting throughout the year and easy to budget.

7. Easy to Order and Deliver

Finally, one of the best things about chocolate corporate gifts is how easy they are to order and deliver.

Online ordering allows you to choose chocolate corporate gift sets ahead of time to ensure you get the chocolates you’re looking for. You can also quickly check shipping times and locations for a hassle-free order and delivery experience.

Since chocolates already come in a decorated gift box, you only have to hand the gifts out to clients and employees.

Having easy chocolate corporate gift options like this is essential when running a business. You have enough on your plate, and chocolate makes for a thoughtful gift that doesn’t require too much work.

Give a Chocolate Corporate Gift Set Today

Now that you see the amazing benefits of giving a chocolate corporate gift set, you can look for the perfect chocolates.

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland has delicious quality chocolates that will make your corporate gifts shine. We’ve been in the chocolate business for over 80 years, and our main factory is still in Switzerland, where we make chocolate daily.

We also have locations worldwide in Asia, the Middle East, and San Francisco, California. We offer a variety of chocolates, truffles, marzipan, and more. Our chocolates contain only the finest cocoa, and we source fresh ingredients worldwide. Our chocolate also has no additives, chemicals, or fillers.

Check out our chocolate collections to buy the perfect corporate gift!