A Guide to the Perfect Pairings for Champagne Chocolate Truffles

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Sophistication and class are important virtues, and nothing screams elegance louder than a good chocolate and alcohol pairing. This is one reason that champagne chocolate truffles are so delicious and timeless.

Pairing Champagne Chocolate Truffles

However, you likely are still wondering what types of alcohol to pair with your favorite champagne chocolate truffles on self-care night or while hanging out with friends. Read on to learn some classic chocolate pairings that never go out of style.

The Basics of Champagne Chocolate Truffles

Dom Pérignon Champagne Truffles are one of the most delicious chocolate treats out there. These luxurious truffles feature a dark chocolate ganache and delicious champagne cream. This gives each of these champagne chocolate truffles a sophisticated and mature flavor that elevates it over other types of chocolate.

The delicious ganache filling in when coated with a hard chocolate shell. Commonly, this exterior is made from dark chocolate for an elegantly bittersweet taste. Dark chocolate coatings match the ganache inside for a holistic, full-bodied flavor.

However, those who want to add a touch of extra sweetness to their truffle may consider milk chocolate champagne truffles. These have thin milk chocolate coatings for a creamy texture and sweeter flavor.

All truffles are dusted with a special confectioner’s sugar. This brings out the flavor of all components of each truffle for a memorable treat.

If you have trouble choosing between dark and milk chocolate options, you can also get a mixed box to sample both flavors. They come in sizes ranging from nine pieces to 48 handmade champagne chocolate truffles. This makes them ideal both for a self-care treat and for larger events with those you want to impress.

The Best Occasions to Enjoy Chocolate Pairings

Because of their versatility, you can enjoy chocolate and alcohol pairings on a wide range of occasions.

Consider making champagne chocolate truffles part of several events, including:

  • Self-care days when you’re on your own
  • Date nights with a loved one
  • Nights in with friends
  • Family reunions and get-togethers
  • Corporate events like work parties and conferences
  • Club meetings (book clubs, crafting, LGBT spaces, etc)

Chocolate and Alcohol Pairings

There are several things to consider when deciding on chocolate/beverage pairings.

The first is the flavor of the chocolate itself. Some champagne chocolate truffles are sweeter than others, and they’ll need to be paired with drinks that have a touch of sweetness.

You can think of these as light, airy pairings that make for a great dessert. They also make amazing snacks for people who have sweet tooths, so setting them up ala carte at events is an awesome choice.

Chocolate and Alcohol Pairings

On the flip side, dark chocolate champagne truffles have a more bitter coating to go with their champagne-infused bitter ganache. They pair best with dry wines such as tannin-rich reds.

The intensity of your chocolate also matters here. Dark chocolate tends to have a more intense flavor because of its purity and cacao content. It’s bitter and packs a punch, so you’ll need to pair them with fuller-bodied alcohol to get a holistically impactful effect.

Robust flavors may go well with heavy wines, but something lighter will work well for creamy milk chocolate’s lower-intensity flavors. Bubbly drinks come into play here, as do sweeter white wines.

Finally, it’s important to think about how complex each drink is. Beverages with multiple flavors and aromas should go with chocolates that have a complementary flavor profile. This brings out the nuance in all aspects of the pairing.


Bubbly champagne is a favorite beverage for special events. Its light and airy flavor is both sweet and sophisticated. It’s perfect for celebrating achievements and accomplishments as well as making holiday get-togethers special.

Plus, since your handcrafted champagne chocolate truffles already feature a champagne ganache, this is a classic choice for a well-rounded combination.

Generally, sweetness should be the #1 factor in pairing champagne with champagne chocolate truffles. You want to have a champagne that’s sweeter than the chocolate you’re pairing it with.

This makes it the best beverage for pairing with milk chocolate truffles. Generally, milk chocolate is sweeter than dark alternatives, which means that champagne is one of the only drinks with a higher sweetness factor than it. This makes the pairing elegant and delicious.

White Wine

White wine is also sweet and light, though not so much as champagne.

Chardonnay is one of the best because of its complex flavor profile. You specifically will want to choose a full-bodied and oaky chardonnay variety so that you can taste notes of vanilla and caramel. This sweet, creamy texture makes it ideal for both milk and dark chocolate.

Medium-sweet Riesling is also a great choice because of its fruity flavors. Their bright and lively natural flavor contrasts nicely with the rich nature of the truffles. It’s also more acidic than other sweet wines, which cleanses your palette to stop any flavor from becoming overwhelming or heavy.

White wine pairs best with milk chocolate, though those who want to create even more contrast can try dark chocolate truffles. Still, since Teuscher’s truffles already have a dark chocolate ganache, the milk chocolate shell is ideal for a fuller, more dessertlike, complex taste.

Red Wine

Many people consider red wine the Cadillac of beverages for chocolate-and-alcohol pairings. It has a full-bodied flavor that’s rich with tannins that break through the sweetness of truffles.

Cabernet Sauvignon is perfect for those who enjoy rich dark chocolate truffles. The fruity and full-bodied varieties made with blackcurrant and blackberry enhance the flavors of the chocolate. Since the oak aging also adds vanilla undertones, the pairing is even better.

Merlot is a medium-bodied wine that pairs great with both milk and dark chocolate. There’s a lot of harmony because of the velvety texture that makes the creaminess of any truffle stand out. The flavors also aren’t overpowering, so you can enjoy all elements of it.

Order Champagne Chocolate Truffles Online

Order Champagne Chocolate Truffles Online

Now that you know the best alcohol pairings for champagne chocolate truffles, it’s time to begin shopping for Swiss chocolates that are just as sophisticated as a bubbly champagne flute. Whether you prefer milk or dark chocolate truffles, you’ll find something that you’re excited to try alone, with friends, or at high-class company events.

At Teuscher, we’re committed to offering a wide variety of delicious chocolate options from champagne truffles to chocolate-coated marzipan. Browse our shop to start finding and purchasing high-quality chocolate truffles for any occasion.