Exploring the Versatile Flavor of Gianduja Chocolate Truffles

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Hazelnuts have a lot of health benefits including boosting cardiovascular wellness and nipping inflammation in the bud. They’re also a delicious and nutty treat, especially when combined with rich and velvety milk chocolate.

Exploring Gianduja Chocolate Truffles

Gianduja chocolate isn’t just a taste sensation – it’s a unique and characteristic treat for any confection enthusiast. Read on to learn all about this wonderful chocolate blend.

Gianduja Chocolate Truffles: A History

Gianduja chocolate first originated in Piedmont. This region in northwestern Italy borders both France and Switzerland and is the second-biggest region in the country.

In the 19th century, there were a lot of import restrictions on Italy. This happened because of the Napoleonic Wars when the British Royal Navy put a blockade on all Mediterranean imports.

So, who invented gianduja chocolate? The answer lies in local Italian chocolatiers.

These businesspeople had trouble accessing cocoa beans as a result. Beans were scarce, and those that were available were too expensive. They were struggling to make and sell enough chocolates to make a living, so they eventually decided to combine cocoa beans with more easily accessible hazelnuts.

The goal was to make their limited supply of cocoa beans last longer. They didn’t bank on a new taste sensation. But the confection that gianduja chocolate became is now an eternal staple in Italian chocolate shops.

The Blend of Chocolate: A Taste Sensation

Making gianduja chocolate is a process that requires a lot of thought and expertise. The chocolatier must first choose high-quality cocoa beans and prized hazelnuts.

Luckily, the Piedmont region’s hazelnuts are widely known for being distinctly delicious. They have a strong nutty taste and rich smell that any confection enthusiast is sure to love.

Zebra Gianduja Choclolate

After the chocolatier gets these materials, the cocoa beans and hazelnuts are both roasted and ground down. The hazelnut becomes a unique paste while the cocoa is made into a smooth mass.

Then, both of these ingredients are combined with sugar. Some confectioners also choose to add milk to make it creamier. However, this isn’t a universal ingredient.

Ultimately, the blend has an incredibly rich and luscious flavor that’s sweet, slightly bitter, and nutty. It’s velvety and smooth when you bite into it.

Types of Gianduja

Paste is one of the most accessible gianduja chocolate forms, but it’s different than Nutella. Gianduja has a higher hazelnut content than Nutella, and it doesn’t contain as much sugar or palm oil. The ingredients are richer and higher quality, so gianduja paste doesn’t taste like Nutella even if the concept is similar.

However, not all gianduja is a spread. In fact, the first gianduja was a solid treat. Gianduja rolls are one of the best available options for those looking to experience sweet and nutty flavors.

You can buy these rolls online from Teuscher. They’re made from real Swiss chocolates, and you can choose whether you want your gianduja paste wrapped in dark, milk, or white chocolate. They’re an inexpensive and finely-delicious dessert that you can use to treat yourself.

Gianduja chocolate bars are also available, and the sweetness is well-balanced with rich chocolate and hazelnut. The natural flavors ensure that you feel like you’re eating something high-class and real. You won’t need to worry about preservatives or additives and can experience fine flavors to their fullest in the form of these chocolate bars.

Gianduja Truffles: What Makes Them Special?

Gianduja chocolate truffles are also one of the best chocolate options on the market. There are several options available, and each has something that makes them unique.

At Teuscher, we offer five different varieties of gianduja truffles.

Gianduja Chocolate Log

The first is the Dutchess, which combines milk chocolate with almond and hazelnut gianduja. The paste is mixed with finely sliced almonds. Chocolatiers then dip the entire piece in a milk chocolate coating for a rich flavor and smooth, velvety texture.

Those who like milk chocolate will also like Noisette truffles. Noisette combines hazelnut gianduja with milk chocolate and places a roasted hazelnut on top. It’s encased in a crunchy shell that has the same milk chocolate/hazelnut combination on top.

Walnut gianduja chocolate truffles are another great milk chocolate option. They blend this chocolate with walnut-and-hazelnut gianduja, put a crunchy walnut on top, and dip it in a milk chocolate shell. It’s not just a taste sensation – it also provides a tantalizing texture.

Mocha truffles are great milk chocolate truffles, but they’re a little bitterer than other options. They have almond/hazelnut gianduja in them, but this filling is also combined with rich and bitter coffee. They’re ideal for those who want more rich, full-bodied flavors with their sweet treats.

If you like combining milk chocolate with other flavors, the Zebra truffle is a perfect choice. It combines classic hazelnut gianduja with milk, dark, and white chocolates. There’s an even amount of each to ensure balance.

When Should You Get Gianduja Truffles?

Gianduja truffles are great for almost every occasion. You can get them as part of an assorted truffles box and have them delivered directly to your doorstep. You also can talk with experts at Teuscher to learn more about getting more gianduja truffles.

These truffles are great for people looking to treat themselves to something great in the new year. They’re an ideal way to ring in 2024 and start a new chapter of your life positively. Buying them is a great act of self-love.

They’re also awesome gifts for friends and loved ones. Bring them to upcoming events and let everyone experience the delicious filling-and-coating combinations. Give a full box to someone you deeply appreciate and want to show love for.

Gianduja truffles also make for perfect corporate gifts. Milk chocolate truffles, especially those featuring rich hazelnut notes, make great gifts for clients because they show that you care. You’ll have an easier time retaining customers and getting good reviews, which can take your business to the next level.

They also work well when showing appreciation to employees, managers, and superiors.

Shop for the Best Chocolates of Switzerland

Now that you know the ins and outs of gianduja chocolate, it’s time to begin shopping for delicious chocolatey gifts.

Our shop is committed to selling the finest chocolates of Switzerland both in our San Francisco storefront and online. Buy a Teuscher truffle box today to begin spoiling yourself or others.